Wildcard Weekend Cheat Sheet

Hello readers, and future friends! As you may know, my weekend attention got divided somewhat by very important life news, but that didn’t stop me from kicking off WriteMania with a weekend of short stories, mainly based in my novel worlds and using prompts from a writing community I used to run with my spouse.

So for those of you who might be curious, here’s a list of the stories that Wildcard Weekend has produced so far (this list will be continuously updated throughout Sunday):

Take Me to Church – Set in MirrorWorld. A witch (turned-thief-turned-priest) muses about the past, and the love of his life.

Where You Lead – Set in MirrorWorld. The teenage guardians of two worlds face off over the disappearance of a boy they both love, in their own ways.

A Harmless Drink and a Hopeless Romantic – Two characters from Girl Next Store have their first not-exactly-a-date night, and it does not go as planned.

Hands-Free Mode – Finally together after eight years, Josh and Donna from The West Wing share a heated night–but Donna’s in charge this time.

Wildcard Weekend Cheat Sheet


In three days, I’ll officially dive into the writing spree I’ve dubbed WriteMania. The month-long session of writing begins June 8th, and I will be writing as much as I can, with prompts and requests open.

To start the month off right, I’ll be over at In Want of a Reader from June 8th to the 11th for a Wildcard Weekend, posting short stories based on community prompts that I’ve never used before.

Then, throughout the month, I will be working on fanfic, sorting out my MirrorWorld and responding to requests, if I get any. Basically, this challenge will produce an unpredictable hodgepodge of stories, and I hope the results will be as fun to read as they will be to write.

My family is facing possible homelessness in July and we’ve exhausted our resources, giving me the idea for this writing/fundraising marathon. Every WriteMania story will include a donation link at the end for anyone who might want to help out.

There is no requirement that you donate to read or even to request stories–that’s totally optional. Comments, of course, are free and always appreciated. 🙂

Today’s Excerpt: “You can’t just ignore him,” Gus said practically. “It would be rude. You have to see him next week, don’t you? The last thing you need is for it to be awkward.”

Corrie made a skeptical sound, eyes trained on Beck and his friends. “And you think this will be less awkward? Me just stepping up to him and saying, ‘Hi, remember me, the girl who was rude and suspicious before? By the way, here are my desperate single friends.’”


In My Own Little Sandbox

I am not good at worldbuilding.

This isn’t something I feel especially ashamed of; it’s better that I know my weaknesses. My Autistic brain is so internally focused that I don’t see the world around me–which makes it a struggle to imagine the world around my characters, the same way it’s a struggle to mentally picture them in detail.

Even after sixteen years of playing with the same characters, I can’t say I could write out long passages about the town where they live or their quirks of appearance or what their bedrooms look like: that’s not how I think, and will have to be something I figure out deliberately during revision.

But I have had the pleasure of playing with the same world for sixteen years, so inside my head I hold a rich plan for three books, possibly a “next generation” series to follow that, with a villain novella or two thrown in for balance. I know all the characters deeply, in the ways I need to know them.

And I love them, murderers and heroes alike. 🙂

So one of the perks of knowing these fictional people so well is that I can always dip into the well of MirrorWorld and tell a story. With newer ideas, and less developed characters, I can write short stories to help figure things out–but with my favorite, it’s pure fun.

It all adds to the bigger picture, of course. I can discover new facets of my faves that surprise me, or flesh out a timeline or fix a plothole…but that’s not required. Writing MirrorWorld, outside of my actual novels, just gives me a chance to revisit a place that makes me happy.

Which is why, a bit later this month, I’m going to be returning to the short story community In Want of A Reader, with the blessing of the co-owner. Two years ago, it sat dormant for long stretches before it was abandoned but never officially closed, and that means it holds a lot of prompts I never tried my hand at.

Today’s excerpt comes from a prompt fic I wrote in 2014. When I return to posting short stories over there, many based in MirrorWorld, I’ll link to them here as well to keep you updated. And if there’s anything you’d like to see me write, or you want to volunteer prompts, leave them in the comments on either blog.

Today’s Excerpt: When he knocks on her door, she has already poured the wine. He didn’t call; he didn’t have to. She won’t ask what happened. She will let him be. Between the failed relationships and daily work disasters, they will exist in these quiet moments as though they never let go.

Later, when she turns toward him in the candlelight, he will wonder if they ever really did.

In My Own Little Sandbox