Wrenches of the Best Kind

Happy weekend, everybody! It’s Day 2 of my personal writing challenge, WriteMania, and I’ve only completed two (very) short stories so far, well below where I expected to be by this point.

The reason for that is that my family got some good news about our July plans yesterday, which had me a bit distracted by non-writing work that needs doing. However, you’re welcome to read both tiny ficlets and there will be more up tonight. I’m only just getting started. ūüôā

This wrench tossed into my weekend–I expected to have more on my plate soon, but not yet–is really an excellent one. I’m grateful for it. Now I just have to balance my responsibilities with my goals, and keep moving.

Do you approach happy distractions differently from unpleasant ones? What’s the best wrench that’s ever been thrown into your works?

Wrenches of the Best Kind


In three days, I’ll officially dive into the writing spree I’ve dubbed WriteMania. The month-long session of writing begins¬†June 8th, and I will be writing as much as I can, with prompts and requests open.

To start the month off right, I’ll be over at In Want of a Reader from June 8th to the 11th for a Wildcard Weekend, posting short stories based on community prompts that I’ve¬†never used before.

Then, throughout the month, I will be working on fanfic, sorting out my MirrorWorld and responding to requests, if I get any. Basically, this challenge will produce an unpredictable hodgepodge of stories, and I hope the results will be as fun to read as they will be to write.

My family is facing¬†possible homelessness in July and¬†we’ve exhausted our resources, giving me the idea for this writing/fundraising marathon. Every WriteMania story will include a¬†donation link at the end¬†for anyone who might want to help out.

There is no¬†requirement that you donate to read or even to request stories–that’s totally optional. Comments, of course, are free and always appreciated. ūüôā

Today’s Excerpt:¬†‚ÄúYou can‚Äôt just ignore him,‚ÄĚ Gus said practically. ‚ÄúIt would be rude. You have to see him next week, don‚Äôt you? The last thing you need is for it to be awkward.‚ÄĚ

Corrie made a skeptical sound, eyes trained on Beck and his friends. ‚ÄúAnd you think this will be less awkward? Me just stepping up to him and saying, ‘Hi, remember me, the girl who was rude and suspicious before? By the way, here are my desperate single friends.’‚ÄĚ


The Virtues of a Soft Reboot

While the phrase¬†originated in computer jargon, we hear about “soft reboots” much more¬†when it comes to movies and television shows these days. A soft reboot resets a property while trying not to change it too much–just like what I’m here once more¬†to do with my blog.

All the way back in the misty¬†days of 2014, the original 30 Days Experiment taught me a lot about my abilities as both a novelist and a blogger. At the time, I hadn’t even come close to writing a novel before, though I’d been mentally playing with the same story idea for more than a decade. That first fateful Camp NaNoWriMo was a lark for me. I went into it thinking, “Sure, I’ll probably fail, but what have I got to lose?” and ended up¬†with a terribly rough but finished draft.¬†I experienced the rush of writing a story¬†that comes together at the climax¬†seemingly by magic. I was hooked.

And now it’s 2017, more than a year since I last stopped by for even a token update. In the years since, I’ve continued writing–in my scattered fashion–and even took one novel through the process of revision¬†and temporary ebook publishing.

However, life outside the noveling game has been¬†rough at times. I’ve been dealing with physical health issues that cause fatigue and mental health issues that impede my focus, plus my family’s struggle to survive financially.¬†2016 was an especially tough year, piling hunger and stress on top of my four separate mental disorders.¬†I didn’t get very much done; what I did accomplish was usually more unfinished¬†first-drafting. It’s always easier and more fun to chase a new, shiny idea.

To be quite honest, life is just as stressful right now as it was last year. My family’s still struggling to afford food, I’m still battling my ADHD and bipolar symptoms among other disorders, and I was recently¬†diagnosed with hypothyroidism. On top of all that, we may be moving soon,¬†and a lot of the prep for that will fall to me. A reasonable person might ask: why am I rebooting my blog in the middle of this chaos?

Beyond the fact that¬†a large part of me thrives in chaos, the main reason is that being so sick lately, so unable to do more than think about the writing work I wasn’t doing, left me with plenty of time to remember why I write in the first place, and why I used to enjoy it more than I do now.

One of the most important lessons I learned in 2014 was that updating daily about my work¬†kept me on track–but that doing so while also writing a novel each day was unsustainable in the long term. Sure, I could do it for a thirty-day mad dash, but I couldn’t extend that to another mad dash the next month, and the one after that. However, sharing snippets of my work helped remind me of its value, and posts about my process kept me invested–the blog fed the work even though it was tiring sometimes.

Since then, the most important thing I’ve learned is that I have great capacity for working hard with little to show for it. While in the last three years I’ve begun no less than eight more novels, only twice have I completed a draft and only once moved to the revision stage. I didn’t realize it back during those first 30 days, but it turns out that diving into a badly written first draft is actually the addictive, fun part for me.

My spouse is incredibly supportive, and doesn’t care whether I’m selling erotica under a pseudonym, searching for a literary agent, or plugging away at the same series for years, as long as I keep trying–but with our financial troubles and my hummingbird-style attention span, I lost sight of what I’ve wanted all along. The Dream, that wonderful mental image of my book on a shelf, paper pages I can flip through with my name on the cover, requires that I edit the book I already wrote, rather than getting lost in all the books not yet written.

So¬†when it comes down to it, the rest is all distractions. Whether it’s working on other peoples’ books for money, trying my hand at¬†different¬†genres for a challenge, writing fanfic to stay sharp, or chasing more “marketable” ideas in every new draft…it’s all secretly procrastination, which I am an expert at.

It’s time that stops.

I hereby declare June 2017 to be the soft reboot of¬†my blog. For the next few weeks, life events have to¬†take precedent over any organized writing, so¬†I have no idea what I’ll be working on. But I am using my time to sort out my novel in my head, the revisions it needs, the questions I haven’t answered–which will give me plenty to discuss here. And my very first novel, the one closest to my heart, will be my main focus until I’ve actually gotten it to where it needs to be.

Going forward, my goal is to¬†offer several posts per week, each including a sample of what I’ve been working on recently, as a way to stay enthused and¬†connected–not just to my inner writing world, but to all of you. ūüôā Welcome back, and thanks for reading!

The Virtues of a Soft Reboot

How to Write a Public Novel

I am still mulling over ways of using this blog. Writing my entire novel on WordPress seems unwise, especially if I manage to complete it and would like to seek publication of it after editing. Additionally, my perfectionism seems like a terrible fit with the live feedback I may receive:¬†constructive criticism can be very helpful, but I’m not sure receiving it on an unfinished work will help me as I work towards finishing it.

The first option that I’m considering is to post a daily sample of my progress here. That would demonstrate my efforts without requiring that I lay bare my entire work for any readers I may have.¬†

I am also considering posting my work in progress to Archive of Our Own, where readers could follow along as I add chapters. That site may be better suited for the format of a novel than this blog.

On the other hand, there’s something appealing about blogging a novel as I go. I’m¬†not sure which option I’ll choose, but I’d love to head your thoughts, any readers I may have out there. ūüôā

How to Write a Public Novel