Best Laid Plans (Watch This Space)

Some weeks start by slamming right into you…and only get harder from there. This was one of those weeks. I got sunburned, sick, injured, and my household’s moving budget just lost a significant portion of income that we were counting on.

So, we’ve spent the week huddling close and spending more family time together, because while we don’t know what to do, we do know that before the end of the month my sister-in-law will have headed off to a different part of the country (her travel was previously arranged).

I haven’t been able to get back into my short story writing–for those reasons, as well as other creative ones. My next couple of blog posts will help explain why. In the meantime, since I haven’t been writing, here’s an excerpt from Crossers, the book I published in 2015 on the Goodreads platform before reclaiming it for further revision.

Today’s excerpt: “You’re going to love it,” I told him, snuggling up against his side on the sagging couch. 

“It doesn’t sound like I’m going to love it,” Ben replied skeptically. “It sounds like we’re going to spend another two hours watching people sing about being really happy and then really sad, while no one points out how weird it is that they’re all singing in the first place.”

“That’s how musicals work! We’ve been over this.”

“But it doesn’t make any sense!” He pointed at the basement television. “Nobody actually starts dancing down the halls of our high school. Nobody ever breaks into song in the grocery store.”

Giving him my most winning smile, I fluttered my eyelashes. “But don’t you think they should?”

“No. You know, I really don’t. It’s kind of unsettling just seeing actors do it.”

I attempted to sneak the remote out of his hand, but he knew me too well. Instead of relinquishing the power, he pressed a kiss to my temple and hit play.

“Alexa,” he added as the trailers began, “I’m never going to love musicals. No matter how hard you try–or how cute you are doing it. But you know what?”


“I’ll keep on watching them with you.”

“And you’ll keep on complaining.”


“Good.” I reached over to slide my hand into his. “I’d be sad if you stopped.”

Best Laid Plans (Watch This Space)