WriteMania: Wildcard Weekend

It’s June 8th, everybody! That means than my marathon month of trying to raise funds for a potential move on July 7th has begun. Welcome to WriteMania. 🙂

You can find detailed information here, including links to my fanfiction and how to request stories. However, all you really need to know when it comes to my original fiction is that I will be writing short stories over at In Want of a Reader and mentioning them here during my usual blogging.

This weekend in particular, I’m going to be utilizing the prompts that piled up in that community to produce as many stories as I can. You can also suggest new prompts for me at any time–I’ll enjoy the challenge!

Until July 7th, all of my posts will contain donation links for anyone who might willing, but donations are not expected or required. My family is just facing great economic hardship and this is my way of trying to help.

My daily updates aren’t going to include a “Today’s Excerpt” sample as long as I’m publicly posting everything I write. If I do have a sick/emergency day at any point that keeps me from completing projects, though, then I’ll include an excerpt from private novel work I’ve been doing.

Thanks to everybody who’s been reading. 🙂 My first prompt-based short stories will go up tonight at IWoaR, so keep an eye out!

WriteMania: Wildcard Weekend

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