Appreciating What You Have

As a perfectionist, it can be hard for me to get the messy words in, or face a round of revision. Forget critique–that’s pure torture, however necessary it is for growth and improvement.

What keeps me going when the writing process itself feels like a horrible slog without end is something I’ve learned through years of experience: I love what I’ve written.

I may not enjoy writing it, and I may be too close to see it right away, but weeks or months or years later, I love having written all the fiction I’ve tried my hand at. I can see its potential and marvel at small moments I don’t even remember creating; it’s more than worth the temporary discomfort that writing brings me when it isn’t going well–which, let’s face it, is most of the time.

When I decided to bring this space back to life, I reread all my posts from beginning to end, mainly out of curiosity. I was surprised to find an old link to a short story blog I used to co-run and write at, mainly because I had completely forgotten about the writing I did there. How could I forget putting all that work in?

So here’s today’s treat for you: go check out In Want of a Reader, where you’ll find a wide range of content, including some fanfic and a lot of prompt-based short stories. Today’s snippet comes from one of those, “Iceberg.”

Today’s excerpt: His eyes were an impossible shade of gray, she noted. Like an iceberg in a storm. Was it a bad sign that she was comparing him to the villain from Titanic? 

Appreciating What You Have

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