Day 25: Inspiration (fanfic edition)

Good writing is everywhere. When you’re looking for it, it really can be found just about anywhere…advertising copy, television dialogue, blog posts. Today’s snippet comes from my weekend spent delving into fanfiction. I shared a story of my own that had been hanging out in a neglected folder, and read some by other people.

In one scene of one story, When I Was Dazzled By Eternal Things, the author is talking about a character who writes speeches, and is very new to his job. I was just reading along, imagining the story happening to characters I like, and then I read this:

There is a pen and paper in his hands and a look on his face like he is determined that they won’t get the better of him.

Suddenly, in the middle of a silly day enjoying often NSFW fanfiction from The West Wing, I was hit by the feeling that this was an incredibly important sentence, describing so many of us who are writing right now, and struggling right now. I feel this way all the time, except that I use a keyboard…like I could at any point be bested by the very thing I need to write.

I took a couple days off from writing this weekend, and plan to dive back in tomorrow. But for now, I leave you with the wisdom of raedbard above. There is so much beauty in fanfiction, and graffiti, and street buskers, among many other things, that I’m often not sure why we declare some things more artful than others.

Day 25: Inspiration (fanfic edition)

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