Day 21: Writers you admire

I took two days off while I flipped my sleep-wake cycle completely upside down, but I’m back now! I’ll catch up on comments later today. 

My favorite writers change over time, and also don’t. I still love Francesca Lia Block and Tamora Pierce, even though now I want to be like Rainbow Rowell or Scott Westerfeld when I grow up. 😉  Neil Shusterman was a newer discovery for me, as were Gil McNeil and Kate Jacobs, but I still have a fondness for Jodi Picoult. Nora Roberts tells great stories even though I’m not a big fan of the romance genre, so I reread hers on a regular basis (thanks to my partner’s impressive collection). In nonfiction, I enjoy all of Malcolm Gladwell‘s books a lot and wanted to be him, before I decided novels were more my style.

I am currently reading Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. I just finished Flash Boys, his more recent book, and I now have to add him to my “impressive” list. Even though I had heard of a couple of his books, and Moneyball is on my watch list, I hadn’t planned to read any of his books before I saw an interview he did. The fact is, as much as I love nonfiction and find almost everything interesting, I have no knowledge of/interest in sports or stocks, so The Blind Side (which I did see as a movie), Moneyball, and Flash Boys just weren’t that appealing.

His interview was interesting, though, so I decided to read the book he was promoting, Flash Boys. I checked out Moneyball too, because I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie. And what I’ve found most surprising about his books is that I liked them, and learned a ton in the process. He manages to make both baseball and computer stock trading interesting, and that’s impressive to me, as a reader with no knowledge of either. I feel like I now have a solid grasp on modern Wall Street, as someone who doesn’t even know anyone with a 401k…and I’m not done with Moneyball yet, but Lewis turns a statistics story into a book about people, so I’m enjoying it very much.

Who are your favorite writers? Perhaps even more than that, who have you read recently that impressed or surprised you?

Day 21: Writers you admire

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