Day 16: The downside of dreaming

Yesterday, I made my master list of projects. (Not all that long ago really, because it’s 1:35a.m. here, but it is still technically Day 16 now so I’m posting with the hunch that I’ll be too weary later on.) The more I think about The List, the better I feel about writing. I have concrete goals now, a schedule, a plan. I’m a writer, and intend to be one long-term, which I have finally declared through planning.

Another good thing about the list is that I had more story ideas than I realized, before I wrote them down all at once! Now, if I were to write four or five novels this year–not impossible with my March novel in place, Nano sessions in April, July, and Nov 2015, and a long stretch between July and Nov when I could fit at least one more–that would use up almost all of my list. Which is scary. But the fact that I have anything lined up next at all is great. Very inspiring.

And therein lies the title of this post. Inspiration is good and important when it helps you keep going, gives you something to look forward to, or gives you hope. Inspiration is less useful and more disruptive when it makes you want to abandon your current project and jump into a new one…not because you don’t like your current draft, but because the draft you could write is so much shinier than the messy 15k you’ve already written.

Putting it down and giving things names made all my half-formed ideas, some of which I’ve actually thought about for a while, sound much more rewarding. I’m eager to start something new, if only it weren’t for this annoying work-in-progress that insists on plodding along at a human pace. So the downside of dreaming is getting distracted by bright, pretty ideas to the detriment of your present projects. Of course it’s more fun to think about my next novel–that doesn’t mean that writing my next novel will actually be more fun. Must get back to writing now.

Day 16: The downside of dreaming

2 thoughts on “Day 16: The downside of dreaming

  1. Aw that shiny new project you want to have an affair with. I know that feeling especially when you start thinking through all those potential projects. Just reinvigorate yourself with the ideas and lust that attracted you to the current project. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the love but it’s there. It comes at unusual times but don’t have the affair, lol, if you must write something down do it, get it out your system (especially if you have a plot point idea or something) but return for the hard road that is the draft you’re attempting to finish. Unless it just reaches a point and you have to check out.

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