Day 15: 2015 master list (version 1)

Taking a (cyber)page from DM Jones over at ‘Tis Swift, today’s post is meant to collect and plan out all my novel ideas…because I have never done that before, so it’s clearly time! Having the same unwritten story in my head for 14 years saved me the trouble of working on others, but now that I’m writing the end of the trilogy, it’s time to look to the future, even if my plans are likely to shift dramatically as I go along.

So, here is the master list as I see it right now:

MirrorWorld #1– First draft complete, first round of editing begins Feb 7. Give to first reader by March. Give out for full round of feedback April 1, complete next round of editing by August 31 (preferably sooner). Repeat as needed. Begin seeking lit agent in Nov.

MirrorWorld #2– First draft complete, first round of editing TBD

MirrorWorld #3– First draft in progress, to be completed by Jan 31.

Reality/TV– Outline & prep mid-Feb. Begin first draft Mar 1. Edited and ready for SwoonReads submission by end of April or May, depending on list deadline.

Unscheduled future concepts:

100 Days of Knitting: Adult fiction, ASD+knitting+blogging

Disunion #1 (Ellie), #2 (Jax), #3 (Carr): Dystopian YA set in Troa & the Dust.

MonoPoly: Adult romance, elements of RP and polyamory

MW anthology: Untold short stories from the MirrorWorld

MirrorWorlds: Connected trilogy, new worlds discovered

Barring unforeseen life stuff, I should have time for at least three more first drafts this year. 100DoK, Disunion #1, and something else in the MirrorVerse would be my first choices at this point…but maybe I’ll come up with something even better as the year goes on. Either way, writing this all down makes it feel much more real. Not a bad day’s work so far. 🙂

ETA other ideas as I have them, for saving purposes.

Untitled: Woman gets unexpected windfall, hijinks ensue, different from usual wish fulfillment in adult fiction

Day 15: 2015 master list (version 1)

4 thoughts on “Day 15: 2015 master list (version 1)

  1. I never knew you had so many other story ideas that you wanted to work on! Especially a dystopian one! Am looking forward to hearing what it’s about.

    Some great goals for your future writing. I would love to write my own list but I’ve done them before and usually I don’t stick to them because I end up losing steam. I’m just going to try and stick to writing daily however little so that it becomes a habit.

    1. Neither did I, until I actually tried to inventory them! Made me feel better about the possibility of writing multiple books per year, since that’s hard to do with no ideas, lol. I think it’s good to stick with your goal, since the number one plan really is not to take looooong hiatuses. You’re doing well so far!

  2. Nice list! And good plans around MW and the SwoonReads project. Whenever I make list I have to give myself the caveat like you did “…but maybe I’ll come up with something even better as the year goes on…” because it’s almost for certain another idea will try to sneak in there.

    1. Thanks! And exactly! I’m actually really hoping other things will pop up, because too many ideas I want to write is much better than the terrifying possibility of hitting a place of, “Okay, no more. Guess I’m done then.”

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