Day 12: Low points

Today was not my best day. It featured me getting a fever, then being bruised by a cat, then cutting my toe open badly enough to cancel my errands for the rest of the week. Add the smaller everyday stuff to that list, and maybe it’s understandable why I’m falling behind on some important things.

I’ve gotten my WC done already. I’m continuing to work online, past meeting my goal for the day, because we have our Internet bill due soon and juggling that, bus pass payments, and grocery funds simply isn’t possible without the money I’m making right now, as fast as I can make it.

I feel really badly about the tasks that have slipped by me this week, though, which is why I’m blogging about struggling to accomplish things like blogging. Today I’ve just wanted to be asleep, all day, so checking off writing, blogging, and working were more than enough for me to get done.

Even though they really weren’t.

Day 12: Low points

One thought on “Day 12: Low points

  1. Ugh… I hope your toe is okay! Sounds like you more than knicked it. Definitely understand where your coming from. I’m feeling pretty bleh myself and have decided to blame the weather. I think I’m going to work on some query letters and see if that helps with the mood because I think I’m checked out for the day. But its good that you’re keeping up with your habit of writing daily!

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