Day 9: Pushing through

I originally intended this post to be about muses, but I’ve hit a tired wall and will save that for tomorrow when I’m feeling more verbose. Instead, I just keep making little dents in my daily goals and calling that success.

The more I write, the more revision I realize that I need. I’m introducing new characters right now into my established world, and doing so makes me look back at my previous, not-yet-edited drafts and realize that they need better intros for their new characters. The more I write about my characters a year after we last saw them, the more I want to go back and fix the last time we saw them.

Clearly, it’s all a big circle, the writing and revision process. You write, then revising by writing, then write some more. I really can’t wait to finish this book and get started on revising the series, if only because it’ll be something new: I’ve never revised before, and will continue to worry that I don’t know how, until I start doing it. Much like writing my very first novel.

Learning by doing has never been comfortable for me, but it does work. Here’s to many more years of becoming a writer by writing, and becoming a published author by figuring out the rest one step at a time!

Day 9: Pushing through

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