Day 8: Staring out into the great unknown

I got only just my minimum word count in today, which is fine with me while I have so many competing priorities. For now, as long as I get the words in I’m not going to compare them to days past when I got in thousands at once. Saturday I’m taking a highly-encouraged day off from my online work which I plan to use for writing, and tomorrow I should have some time after my work is done to do solid writing, too.

Today I’ve been thinking about what I’ll write next, though. My current series started as an idea more than a decade ago. It’s gone through a lot of revision as a concept over those years until I finally wrote it in 2014. I have some other ideas that I like for my next novel, but they’re very new, somewhat ephemeral, and quite different from what I’ve already done.

So today I have questions rather than a moral of the post: how you choose what to write?

Do you follow your passion and writes what most holds your interest? Do you aim for writing what you know, or choosing the idea that’s outside your wheelhouse just to learn something new? Have you ever started a new project and then regretted choosing the idea that you did?

If my natural indecisiveness leaves me utterly frozen, should I just close my eyes and point, then write the one that chance decided for me?

Day 8: Staring out into the great unknown

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