Day 6: A flash of light in the darkness

I took a day off yesterday, entirely by accident. I spent most of the day out running errands, and then told myself I would work on writing later that night. Then I spent a few hours with my partner and suddenly it was midnight and the day was technically over! This is better than my usual mode of entirely giving up, but not by much, since it’s still a tiny goal failure.

Getting right back to my plan was the only recourse, and I did so this evening, getting in slightly more than my goal. But even better than continuing on was the moment when I suddenly saw a way to bring back a beloved character from previous books and include her in this newest story. It was not planned and hit me suddenly, but made deliciously perfect sense for my world, and there’s no better feeling for me as a writer.

Personally, the reward for struggling through the beginning of a murky unplanned draft (in this case, about 6,000 uninspired words) is always those moments when the new idea or the perfect sentence comes from the ether, or the universe, or your muse, depending on your process, and things just fit. Suddenly, I felt like there was hope for this book because I was going to have some fun with this new part. Something to always be thankful for and never take for granted.

Day 6: A flash of light in the darkness

2 thoughts on “Day 6: A flash of light in the darkness

  1. It really are the little things that make the journey worth while. And it’s definitely an always great feeling to have the stars align and something make sense. Hold on to that feeling. Knowing that it’s possible. It’ll see you through dark days because writing certainly has them. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.. just to throw in another cliché 😉

    1. Don’t forget that every cloud has a silver lining! And it’s always darkest before the dawn. 😉 Cliches are always fun and appropriate. Definitely trying to focus on the little things.

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