Day 4: The limitations of chronology

Today was a lackluster day…a day in which I lacked luster. 😉  I got my words in, as per my resolution, and I seem to be developing a plot now rather than just a bunch of “previously, in MirrorWorld” catch-up vignettes with no connection or point. But I can’t say that I’m feeling better about my draft yet.

It’s only 5,000 words along, so disliking it is understandable. It’s just also so odd to feel as lost as I did with my first novel, but in a totally different way. This time around, I started out writing summaries of what had happened between books, so that I’d have a place to start from. When I stopped feeling like that was doing me any good, I jumped right into the point of the book.

That certainly started moving the plot along, but it also feels wrong! Like skipping important beginning moments of the story. I know it can be good to start with the “inciting incident,” but boy, does this draft already need piles of revision because of that. I can feel it, and it’s unsettling.

Maybe now that things are progressing, though, I’ll figure out exactly what is supposed to happen in this book! I can only hope.

Day 4: The limitations of chronology

4 thoughts on “Day 4: The limitations of chronology

  1. Don’t even mention the word chronology! I can’t even write chapters out of order let whole scenes and books. I guess those of us who can’t not be obsessive just work in a straight line when it comes to our books. Hopefully (and that’s a big hopefully) it translates into some kind of sense later on even if we have to do a lot of editing to polish it up.

  2. Toni Travis says:

    Oops, too late! I can’t imagine what it must be like inside your brain, as I don’t write in a straight line even when I’m striving to. Seems to me that your drafts must make much more sense from the beginning than mine do, since my have no organizational properties at all. But I do know that editing will make all things better.

  3. Just keep working through it. Your mind will work out the kinks and sometimes jumping around is good for the story, if just to help give you perspective. I know with this past Nano I attempt jumping around more than usual, I was not very successful, but was worth trying it out 😀

    1. Toni Travis says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I took a day off, but then I had a bit of progress and now I feel like I’ve already worked through the worst of the hopeless feelings! I love jumping around but have yet to figure out how to do it well, something to learn as I go.

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