Day 1: The 2015 Project

As readers of this blog will have likely figured out, I have a tendency to drop projects and disappear, often for long periods of time. This blog, created to accompany my first attempt at writing a novel in a month, was a wonderful experience in July of 2014. It helped keep me focused on my writing and definitely contributed to my eventual win–not only a personal first, but also a major milestone for me as a lifelong aspiring writer who rarely wrote.

Unfortunately, blogging came with downsides, the biggest being that time spent writing blog posts was time not spent writing novels. So when I began my next novel, during the more traditional NaNoWriMo round last November, I saved my time and energy for the noveling process and kept this blog shut down. (I won!) Additionally, I did not feel that it was appropriate to return to this blog if I wasn’t writing, and I went through long writing hiatuses during 2014. So here it has sat, gathering metaphorical dust…abandoned but never forgotten.

It is a new year, and I don’t yet know what it will hold for me. Any manner of things may come up unexpectedly and change my plans, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t begin the year with them in mind. My official writing resolution for 2015 is to write at least 500 words each day. That’s a tiny amount for someone who can manage 10,000 in one day with structure and focus, but instead of focusing on quantity I aim to focus on the process–that is, I want to write daily, even if it’s a small amount, so that I’ll develop the habit and never fall into month-long droughts again.

So my plan for this blog is to say something related to writing every day of 2015, whether it’s a rant about how much I’m struggling with the experience or simply a snippet from the day that I’m proud of. I may toss in the occasional nod to others, too, for the fun of variety. I’m giving up last year’s format of a post + an excerpt in favor of one or the other, because I want blogging to become less time-consuming and more sustainable. I have bigger goals this year, more responsibilities, and a need for greater proof of my accomplishments as a creator, so I offer this new (and hopefully improved) blog for your consideration.

Happy 2015!

Day 1: The 2015 Project

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