Day 29: Little balls of sunshine in a bag

If you recognize the title of today’s post as a line from The Golden Girls, then you get extra points for being awesome. 🙂 For those who lack the context, that line is delivered by a character who is extremely sleep-deprived, and begins hallucinating/being adorable. The same character also does a lot of writing during her period of awakeness, which is why the expression is relevant to my topic.

When Blanche of The Golden Girls is exhausted and thinks she has been writing brilliantly, she re-reads her work the next day to learn that it is terrible gibberish. I myself am exhausted and heading to bed soon, but earlier I wrote a little to keep a friend company. And during the first week of this month, when I was writing thousands of words at a time, I wrote while tired all the time. I needed to write, so I learned that I could write even when I felt too tired to focus.

I haven’t re-read my earlier work since I skimmed it for excerpts, which was weeks ago while I was still in the center of the madness. Therefore, I can’t say whether my writing is better or worse when I am writing while tired. I don’t feel like the end result is any worse, but I’m also not sure that I would know if it was–I have no way of knowing which paragraphs were written at certain points during the day, after all.

Obviously, it would be ideal to only write when I am at my most awake and focused. However, the ideal rarely matches up with the reality. I wait for others to join me, or I’m focusing on other activities, and I end up writing into the night when I could have begun in the early morning.

Some of that I believe will improve over time. The more that I write, the better I become at writing on my own and “just starting” without so much procrastination. Beginning in August, I have also promised my partner that I will take longer, more frequents breaks from my (currently) constant computer usage. With extra time spent reading, watching DVDs, or doing puzzles, maybe the time that I do allow for computer access will become more focused when I’m writing.

What about you? Do you write better or worse when you’re tired?

Today’s word count: 2,004

Total word count: 70,609

Today’s excerpt: McKenna flinched, saying nothing. She could remember Coralie when they met, small and frightened. And while she took full responsibility for arming and training her to be a warrior, she still couldn’t stomach the idea of that wilted girl left to die. She saw too much of herself in Coralie, and damn it, she had done for Coralie exactly what she wished someone had done for her when she was alone and scared. She couldn’t be sorry for that.

Day 29: Little balls of sunshine in a bag

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