Day 28: Love stories, and other Taylor Swift songs

I have always been a lover of love stories. I’ve loved love since I was too young to know anything about it. I was obsessed with fictional portrayals of it long before I ever experienced the real thing. So while now I know much more than I once did about lasting love, the difficult but worthwhile kind, my heart is still a hopeless romantic, and always will be.

My current novel deals with different kinds of love. There’s the doomed love, that shouldn’t exist or cannot survive. There’s unrequited love, though that one is more implied than openly dealt with. And, there’s a love triangle.

I feel a little bad about that last one, because it is, in fact, a love triangle involving one brunette girl and two brunette guys, and you can see that almost anywhere you look, especially in TV. My books are not vampire-based, but Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and Vampire Academy alone feature that same dynamic, and those are just within that subgenre of entertainment!

In my defense, I came up with the idea long before several of those shows/series existed, and absolutely before the love triangle exploded into YA culture. It’s always been a thing, but it wasn’t central to most plots when I was a teen myself. Secondly in my defense, my love triangle is a girl caught between two guys who are essentially the same guy, just from parallel worlds. That, I hope, is a little less common.

Doomed love exists for me in more than one of my story’s pairings. I enjoy tragic love, the kind that you love until it rips your heart out, because a story that hurts you has made you care, and as the genius-god Joss Whedon taught me in my youth, it’s better to be heartbroken by an artist than indifferent towards their work.

Unrequited love can be beautiful too, but it’s probably my least favorite, and thus not really explored in my story. There are a couple of happy endings in my book, and a few terrible ones. But unrequited is not the same to me as deeply felt but not acted upon, or mutually understood but never spoken.

To me, exploring a character’s feelings when they love someone who will not ever return them is simply unrewarding. I think that in real life, that is not the case, but I feel that way as a writer, at least with these particular characters, so I wouldn’t know how to write that love story if I tried. I did allude to it where it existed, though, because while my characters had more important things to deal with, it did feel necessary to note.

Do you have a favorite type of love story? What kinds do you write most often?

Today’s word count: 2,009

Total word count: 68,605

Today’s excerpt: Coralie lurked, thinking about what a good ninja she would have been. Or a spy. In another life, maybe, she could have used her new powers for good, gained through horror but unleashed to fight evil. She could have been a superhero, if only she hadn’t been destined to be a villain instead.

Day 28: Love stories, and other Taylor Swift songs

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