Day 26: Writer’s block, blogging edition

Writer’s block is one of those things that people argue about, like writing muses. There’s a “it exists and is important camp,” and a “it’s a myth/excuse and the only way to write is keep writing” camp. Honestly, I don’t belong to a particular camp, as I think writer’s block is a very personal thing and I’m not interested in putting my opinion upon other people. But I did want to discuss it, because it was a major worry of mine before beginning this project.

What was I supposed to do when I had nothing to say? What if I couldn’t put my fingers to keys and keep going? What if I got stuck?

While I have a had a few off-days, I haven’t really faced writer’s block during this month. I give credit to the high-pressure environment of a huge goal in a short timeframe for helping me avoid that problem: when you’re just sprinting for your life to hit your word count, writer’s block isn’t really an option. You have to keep writing, even if you’re writing absolute nonsense. You’ll sort it out later, just keep going. That has been my successful mantra this month.

However, while my novel has flowed pretty smoothly–in terms of size, not readability–I realized as I faced Day 26 here that I seem to have developed writer’s block here on this blog. I stared at the screen, unable to think of anything novel-adjacent to discuss, and wondered if maybe I had used up all the words that there were. Forever.

Then I acknowledged that I was feeling over-dramatic and decided to solve my problem by discussing my problem. 🙂

A really good writer, or good blogger, if they had memory problems, would make sure to write things down always. This would give them a store of ideas for the dry spells, allowing them to fall back on their more creative days when need be. Sadly, I did not do such a brilliant thing, instead never thinking beyond the next couple of days’ worth of posts. Thus I present you with a post inspired by a conundrum–if you’ve gotten so used to writing that you’ve run out of novel topics surrounding your writing, what on earth do you blog about without muddying your blog’s purpose?

I don’t yet have an answer to that question, so I will instead leave you with a question of your own. Do you experience writer’s block? If so, how do you cope with it?

Today’s word count: 2,014

Total word count: 64,468

Today’s excerpt: “I wasn’t safe, though,” she said regretfully. “It was stupid, what I did, I can see that now. I was an ostrich.”

Liam made a face, unable to follow her conversational shift.

“Head in the sand?” she tried again. His puzzlement remained. “I was pretending that if I ignored my life, everything I didn’t like about it would go away.”

Day 26: Writer’s block, blogging edition

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