Day 24: Winning, and everything after

Yesterday I won Camp NaNoWriMo, reaching my goal of 60,000 words. Technically, winning isn’t official until the 25th, but I did reach my target early. Afterwards, I took today off entirely. I’d like to say that I gave myself the day off as a reward, but it wasn’t as deliberate as that. Instead, I was just feeling so drained from lack of sleep and super-writing that I didn’t feel up to any writing or much else that required thought and focus.

The funny thing about winning early is that while I am very happy about accomplishing an immense goal, there’s also a bit of an underwhelming feel to it. I hit my Camp goal, which is a very public achievement, but it was never my main plan. As this blog demonstrates, my goal was to write a novel in a month. I still have some story left to tell before I have accomplished that. Even if that wasn’t the case, even if I had finished my story already, I would still feel compelled to write until the end of July, because that’s what I vowed to do in the beginning. And if I don’t write every day, what will I have to talk about here? 🙂

So what I really want to do is take a very deep breath, let it out, and give myself a week’s vacation from writing and blogging. In this at-home vacation week, I would read library books, snack, watch TV shows, and play computer games. It would be lovely. But I’m not willing to do that, because I still have so much work left to do. There’s no real break to take in celebration of my Camp victory because I want to have a complete, revised novel before I turn 30, and that cannot happen if I don’t finish writing it.

Due to my day off from writing, I find myself with much less to say in this post. Instead, I offer you an extra-long excerpt to make up for my brevity.

Today’s word count: 0

Total word count: 60,452

Today’s excerpt: Elle nodded. “Who is it? Do you mind if I ask?”

“I don’t mind. But…it’s kind of weird, probably.”

“Weirder than Rina dating Liam’s double?”

Mel laughed. “That is pretty weird, right?” More seriously, she looked down as she continued. “Back in our world after we were here the last time, I made two friends who are practitioners too, and they helped me hone my abilities. We got close, especially since after Rina I didn’t have anybody else when I moved out on my own. One of them, Audrey, became more than a friend, but we didn’t discuss it until it was already over.”

“Well, I’m sure that—” Elle stared at Mel as she continued to stare at the floor. “Wait…Audrey?”

“Yeah.” Her visible discomfort answered the next question Elle was going to ask. “Oh.”

“That’s weird, huh? Hopefully not too weird, though. I wasn’t going to mention it.”

“Maybe it’s a little weird,” Elle said as she thought it over. “It’s not too weird. I mean, I have no idea what she’s like, other than looking like me.” Suddenly the full implication of what Mel had told her sunk in. “Coralie’s sister?”

Mel nodded.

“After you and Rina trapped her here?”

“We didn’t know that we had done that,” Mel said with a sigh. “So I knew she had a missing sister, but I thought she was just missing in the ordinary way.”

“And now…” Elle thought about Coralie and her knives, reunited with her powerful sister.

“Yeah, now. Once it all came down, it was just over. She blames me, and I’m pretty pissed at her for thinking I’d ever have done something like that on purpose. With Coralie and everything in the middle, there’s just no way. You know?”

Day 24: Winning, and everything after

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