Day 22: Week 3 in review

So, after Week 3, I can report officially that there are benefits and drawbacks to getting a ton of writing done in Weeks 1 and 2.

The idea that you should write as much as you can when you’re starting out, to create a buffer against emergency disasters and the dreaded slump days, is an excellent one. I definitely fall prone to things that “come up” and ruin my carefully laid plans, as well as days filled with ennui where I can’t imagine writing.

However, I have now reached the place where all that effort early on has drawbacks. I am just beginning Week 4 today, and I have almost hit my goal already, so I have begun slacking off in my writing a bit. I could really have finished my 60k before Week 3 was over, if I had been willing to write as furiously as I did during the first half of the month.

But instead, I know that I am close to my goal, and I also know that I have a full week left to get there. I do very much want to finish early, and that has helped me have the occasional day where I write more than my 2,000 word minimum…but I’m also having more days where I fall short, and I can’t scold myself too severely for them because I’m already almost there, so there’s no real harm done.

Getting far ahead in Week 1 means that I’ve lost the authority to guilt myself into big writing days. That has been my most notable realization as I leave behind Week 3. I should be done by the end of tomorrow, in all honesty, even if I don’t write much more than my minimum. That will be later in the month than my original optimism hoped for, but still pretty impressive. I will try to remind myself of that when I feel like I should have done better. 🙂

Today’s word count: 4,252

Total word count: 58, 402

Today’s excerpt: “I see her.” Coralie suddenly felt very cold. That couldn’t be her sister. She was always so strong, and that person…was she even breathing? This had to be a mistake. And yet her feet seemed to be moving on their own, taking her closer and closer to the figure on the pavement with the red hair and lifeless complexion.

Day 22: Week 3 in review

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