Day 11: Slumping through Week 2

I honestly hadn’t given much thought to Week 2 before it arrived. Week 1 was going so well, amazingly, bizarrely well, and I didn’t expect doldrums to hit simply because it was the second week, so I didn’t plan around it.

Next time, I’ll plan around it. I was lucky to have written so much the first week, because now it covers the fact that I’m only getting in my minimum 2k each day. I do want to get back to having big writing days randomly, because it’d be awesome to finish my first novel in something much more like two weeks than a month.

Sort of like, “You thought I couldn’t write a novel in a month? I wrote a novel in TWO WEEKS. Take that, imaginary critic of my writing efforts who doesn’t actually exist!” Of course, what I write will just be a terrible first draft, and it’ll take a lot of work to make it a finished novel, but I’d still consider it amazing.

However, right now my week has been sleep- and food-deprived, and I’m definitely hitting the slump hard alongside the rest of my Camp cabin-mates. Unlike them, though, I don’t have a work week to blame for my listlessness, so I choose nutrient deprivation as my excuse. I will be fully restocked by the start of Week 3, so I vow to rally as we inch ever closer.

The funniest part of this for me is that while I’m now inching along instead of sprinting, I don’t doubt that I’ll be finishing a novel this month. I’m too far into it to have any chance of giving up, or facing some obstacle that prevents its completion. I am lamenting the slump of Week 2 but not seeing it as a long-term problem.

So I suppose this is an optimistic day. 🙂 Even though by its end, I hadn’t written a word, for the first time all month.

Today’s word count: 0

Total word count: 32,027

Today’s excerpt (extra long today): 

She opted to draw something, though Liam couldn’t tell for the life of him what it was. Squinting at the board while she smiled proudly, he whispered, “A cat riding an octopus?”

Her face fell into a mock-pout. “It’s the Eiffel Tower.”

Shaking his head, he stepped closer to her side of the board. “That is probably the worst Eiffel Tower I’ve ever seen,” he said, pointing to the base of it. “Those look like tentacles!”

Laughing silently, she reached for his hand and moved it to the top of the drawing. “Those are flags, see?”

“Is the Eiffel Tower crowned with flags?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. It’s interpretive!”

Day 11: Slumping through Week 2

7 thoughts on “Day 11: Slumping through Week 2

  1. I feel like we readers earned an excerpt–no matter if you wrote or not. 😦
    But, yeah…..and the lack-of-food is a reason, not an excuse. It’s a big, scary thing, and it happened to us.

    1. Toni Travis says:

      Thanks. It was really hard, and I’m glad we got through the worst of it already. And, I apologize. I didn’t have readers for a little while there, so I didn’t know anybody would miss an excerpt. 🙂 It won’t happen again.

      1. *nods*
        Apology accepted. Even if you don’t write….you’ve got pages and pages and pages and pages where you could have added one from. 😦 😦

      2. Toni Travis says:

        LOL. Done. Fixed. I shall forevermore respect the importance of timely excerpts. 😉

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