Day 5: Please don’t stop the music

I am still in the middle of writing, as midnight approaches, so my word count isn’t done for the day. And I spent a large part of my day oversleeping, then working on graphics, so I need the extra time.

I’ve already gotten in my basic 2,000 words, in case you were wondering, but I’m aiming to break 20,000 by the time I’m done and headed to bed tonight. We’ll see how close I get. Due to some minor health issues, I’m likely to be up late tonight anyway, so I’m trying to be productive with it.

So I thought that tonight I’d discuss writing music. One of the first questions people seem to ask each other when they meet as writers, at least in the group I’ve joined, is whether you write to silence or sound. Some people cannot write with any noise around, and others choose ambient noise like train sounds on Youtube, or fire crackling.

Me, I need music. I can’t get through more than a few hundred words in silence because music doesn’t just help me focus: used correctly and at high enough volume, music can drown out my never-resting brain so that I just write.

What I write to depends on that particular moment, though. When I’m starting for the day and need the very best that I’ve got, I go for pirate music. The score to Black Sails (the Starz TV show) is amazing, done with period-accurate instruments that pirates would have actually used, and has a very dark feel. It has enough tension to push me forward in my writing no matter how stuck I feel.

For regular writing, I prefer music with very high energy levels. My favorite playlist was created for exercising, but I borrow it for writing because I type faster when my music is energizing. It includes modern Taylor Swift, Vienna Teng and Lorde, classics by Jet, Green Day and The Killers, and a ton of Ke$ha because she is bizarre but I love her rhythm and she has the smoothest sound when she’s not doing hip-hop.

When I’m writing and my partner is sharing the same space, I go for a couple of other playlists that feature music he likes better than my exercise mix. These lean more heavily on Vienna Teng, fun, and The Civil Wars.

As a music listener in general, my taste is very broad. I love Tinariwen, desert musicians from Mali, and the Goat Rodeo sessions of Yo-Yo Ma as much as I love Daughter or Florence + the Machine. Therefore, my listening style as a writer is more about variety and energy than anything else.

I am always looking for good music recs to add to my mixes. Feel free to broaden my horizons in the comments. 🙂

Today’s word count: 4,605

Total word count: 20,061

Today’s excerpt: He continued to look at her as though one of the people in the conversation was insane. Coralie suspected it was him.

Day 5: Please don’t stop the music

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Please don’t stop the music

  1. You were already so far, word-count wise, on Day 5! I’m so proud of you. Does it feel anywhere near finished yet??
    Also, Coralie is a great name. 🙂

    1. Toni Travis says:

      Thank you! About the name, and the rest. It is starting to feel like it’s headed to a convergence before the end, but not near finished. Which is good, cuz if I approach finished too soon I’m in trouble. 🙂 I still need more then 20,000 additional words right now!

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