Planning Week: The Final Day

Somehow, during my scheduling of this process, I was working with invalid math, and started to believe my own concept of having a week of planning left. Then earlier today I woke up and realized that it was about to be July 1st and it hadn’t been seven days yet! This confused me quite a bit.

I have been stuck lately, with regards to planning. Honestly, I’ve been creatively stuck even beyond that, unable to work well on graphics or anything else, including writing. However, when it comes to this project, slated to begin tomorrow, I’ve hit a nice stretch of being able to work, with strange music blaring while I chart out the backstory.

Obviously, I have a lot more work left to do in preparation, and I’ll need to do some of it as I go along, but I’m okay with that. I really do want to write this story, if only because I need to. I need to finish something. When this year ends and the two life goals I want desperately that are outside my control still elude me, and my financial stability is still unresolved, I need to have something to point to. When I turn 30 and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything concrete, I need this to be something that I did.

So later today, I begin writing. Even though I have errands to run and my nervous system crashes mightily after I return from the heat, I will find a way. And if you are reading this post because you followed me here from Facebook, welcome! 🙂

Technically, though I started this post before midnight, it is now July 1st. So, welcome to my 30 days of noveling! I hope you are intrigued, or at least  mildly entertained, as I move through the month. Thank you for reading.

Planning Week: The Final Day

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