Planning Week: Day 1

Today begins the final week leading up to my 30 days of noveling. Because I have a full week to plan as much of my novel as I like, I can take my time a little bit each day. To that end, my only goal for the day is to make sure I have named all the characters that I know will appear in the story.

Because of the nature of my story, my characters need to have multiple names that are connected but different enough to have different meanings. My original main character names, which I liked just fine at the time, need to be changed because a surprising number would turn out to be similar or identical to those of real people who are central to my life now. None of these were people that I knew then, so it is just one of life’s funny coincidences that my favorite characters overlap with my partner, a family friend, and my once-niece/adopted grandmother.

Other character names need changing because they are awfully bland as a whole. I cared more about the characters in the beginning than their names, which is fine, but I’d prefer that not all my male characters have the most common male names in America–especially since it’s not necessary to the story in any way.

I’m not nearing done with the re-naming process, but I must say that so far the names I’ve chosen I like even better. Since nothing’s set in stone, it’s not a requirement that I love them, but it is a wonderful plus when they feel like an even better fit.

Tomorrow I will focus on sketching out the basic backstory for the novel I want to write. It is set more than a year after events I already planned to occur in a first book, so I need to have a clear idea of what came before. I will be back on Day 3 to post an update! 🙂

Planning Week: Day 1

2 thoughts on “Planning Week: Day 1

  1. I think you mean “at the time.” (second paragraph).
    It is one of life’s funny coincidences!! I remember some of the originals, and feeling sort of stunned (in a good way) about the similarities.
    Hi! 🙂
    Another great post.

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