I’ve begun using Scrivener for the future novel that I’ll be working on here, because as a concept, I’ve dabbled in it for ten years. Scrivener seems like a good way to organize all the past parts over the next two weeks in preparation for starting fresh. So far, I’m enjoying it. It seems very attention-deficit friendly, with the ability to jump between projects and notes, and organize things in whatever way I like.

I was originally considering 750words as a way to stay motivated, but it’s now a pay site after the first month, and I don’t have the $5 a month. That wouldn’t have been an issue, except that the site doesn’t warn you when you sign up, which upset me when I found out later. I’m not interested in getting attached to a site and then learning after a month that I can’t use it anymore. And while that may sound exaggerated, I’m currently only able to afford groceries on credit cards, so I mean it when I say the monthly fee is not an option.

This is really just an update to mention that I will be working on this project before July, just not officially writing it. I have to go through years of re-imaginings and snippets of dialogue and figure out what stays and what gets re-purposed.


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